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By Carmel
Jan 09, 2014

Rosamund and Gone Girl co-star Ben Affleck are on the cover for the new Entertainment Weekly for a Gone Girl exclusive. The photo, which shows Rosamund and Ben as their characters Amy and Nick was shot by movie director David Fincher. The issue will hit the newsstands this Friday but here’s a preview!

By Carmel
Dec 28, 2013

The first production still of Rosamund’s upcoming movie Gone Girl has been released. It only features a photo of our girl in it but it’s still great to finally see something! The still has been added to our gallery!

By Carmel
Dec 04, 2013

The World’s End was released on Blu-Ray and DVD last month. I’ve added screen captures from Rosamund as Sam in the movie to our gallery! I personally loved this movie, Rosamund was amazing in it.

By Carmel
Oct 06, 2013

Over the past few years event photos have been added to our gallery but I never really looked at them again to see if I could add some more or maybe replace some MQ photos with HQ photos. That was until this weekend. I’ve gone though all the event photos in our gallery, replaced tons of them with HQ versions, added new events and added some additional photos to some albums. In total over 600 new photos have been added so be sure to check them out!

As promised I’ve added captures of the last episode of Love in a Cold Climate to our gallery. Enjoy!

I’ve added captures of the second episode of the 2001 BBC mini series Love in a Cold Climate to the gallery. Captures of the last episode will follow tomorrow!

Back in 2001 Rosamund starred in the mini series Love in a Cold Climate as Fanny. I’ve added screen captures of the first episode to the gallery. Screen captures of the remaining 2 episodes will follow soon!