By Carmel
Jul 22, 2013

Rosamund Pike thinks it helped her career that she wasn’t initially seen as beautiful.

The stunning blonde has had some amazing roles, portraying a Bond girl in 2002 flick Die Another Day and enjoying an action-packed part in Jack Reacher.

While she might be lauded for her good looks now, Rosamund insists it wasn’t always that way.

“I always feel fortunate that I was never an attractive teenager or child,” she mused to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I distinctly remember because it was like being an ugly duckling and then suddenly somebody found me attractive and it was a turning point for me.”

In Die Another Day, Rosamund played the gorgeous Miranda Frost alongside Hollywood Heartthrob Pierce Brosnan as 007.

She hopes never to have to resort to plastic surgery and looks to older colleagues for inspiration.

“I was looking at [Dame] Judi Dench in the Bond film and thought, ‘There’s a beautiful woman.’ So touch wood!” the 34-year-old smiled.

The actress has snapped back into shape since giving birth to her son Solo with boyfriend Robie Uniacke in May last year.

It’s their only child so far, which Rosamund believes helped her keep her slim frame.

“I did put on some weight,” she revealed. “It was my first baby and you never show quite as much.”


By Carmel
Jul 22, 2013

Rosamund Pike’s son is “really mellow”. The actress has 14-month-old Solo with her boyfriend Robie Uniacke.

The tot’s unusual name matches up to his relaxed personality according to his proud mom. “It’s the notion of freedom,” she revealed to British magazine OK! when asked the reason behind the moniker. “It’s solo travel, solo flight, it’s that independent spirit and that’s what really matters to me in life. He came out the most chilled little guy. He’s really mellow.”

Rosamund first rose to fame when she played Bond girl Miranda Frost in 2002 flick Die Another Day. Now aged 34, she feels better than ever about her life. “In some ways I feel younger than I did in my early 20s and that’s weird, isn’t it?” she marvelled. “I suppose it’s the freedom that comes from not caring what other people think.”

Rosamund also revealed that having Solo has helped her relax. She’s no longer so hard on herself when she makes “mistakes”.

While he may be yet to turn two, the star already knows she wouldn’t mind him following in her career footsteps. “I’d be delighted if it’s what he wants to be, if he is good,” she smiled. “But it’s hard to be in this profession and if it’s what you really want to do and you’re not good enough, then that’s really tough.”


I’ve added screen captures of Rosamund as Kate Sumner in her 2011 movie Johnny English Reborn. She didn’t have a really big part in the movie but she was great anyway.

By Carmel
Jul 18, 2013

I’ve continued adding captures of Rosamund’s projects to the gallery and today’s addition are captures from Rosamund’s 2012 movie Jack Reacher. Rosamund had a lot of screen time in this movie so I was able to add tons of beautiful HD captures from our girl.

By Lindsey
Jul 17, 2013

THR is reporting that Rosamund is now front-runner for David Fincher’s “Gone Girl”.

The director is seeking the “Jack Reacher” actress to play the female lead opposite Ben Affleck in the hit novel adaptation, which will be co-financed 50-50 by 20th Century Fox and New Regency.

Ben Affleck has taken the mystery out of who will star in David Fincher’s twisty whodunit Gone Girl. But apropos of the subject matter, Gone Girl still has a few riddles to unfurl before its planned September shoot.

Affleck (WME, Ziffren Brittenham), fresh from his best picture Oscar for directing and producing Argo, has signed on to star as a philandering husband whose wife goes missing on the morning of their five-year anniversary. Based on Gillian Flynn’s runaway best-seller that sold 1.9 million copies in 2012 (second only to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy), the film will be co-financed 50-50 by 20th Century Fox and New Regency, according to sources. The Regency move reunites Fincher with Regency CEO Brad Weston, with whom he has a close relationship. (During his days at Paramount, Weston championed Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Zodiac.)

By Carmel
Jul 17, 2013

Hi guys! I’ve added several photos from The World’s End to our gallery. I’ve added 2 stills, a new poster and a behind the scenes shot so be sure to check them out!

By Carmel
Jul 16, 2013

Rosamund Pike would rather pick a red carpet outfit that will cause a “debate” than something safe.

The British actress prefers to experiment with her attire rather than be lauded for her classic sartorial picks.

Rosamund gets anxious about what fashion experts will say about her red carpet looks though.

“You’re always thinking, ‘Am I going to get slaughtered by the critics?’” she told Grazia Online. “I want to give something for people to debate over. I’d rather cause a storm than people just say it’s OK.”