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Sep 19, 2013

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By Carmel
Sep 14, 2013

Back in 2011 Rosamund graced the cover of InStyle. I was never able to find any outtakes that weren’t magazine scans until today. I’ve added 5 beautiful outtakes of the photoshoot to our gallery. Massive thanks to my friend Claudia for donating them to the site!

By Carmel
Sep 01, 2013

Back in 2011 Rosamund starred in the BBC mini series Women in Love. Screen captures from the first episode have been added to our gallery. Episode 2 will follow soon!

By Carmel
Aug 25, 2013

Rosamund Pike denies she is sold on L.K. Bennett “hook, line and sinker”.

The actress is the face of the British high street store and has created her own line of handbags for the brand.

Since she was announced as the label’s new campaign star at the beginning of the year Rosamund has fronted the last two seasons’ collections.

She says it was the chance to design her own bag collection that interested her in signing up to L.K. Bennett.

“I don’t want to just be the face of something, I want to feel as if, creatively, I get involved with the idea of it,” she explained to British newspaper The Sunday Times. “[Am I] at one with the ideal L.K. Bennett woman? Not really, no. I mean, who’s their ideal woman? I think they like the idea of me for the brand, which is very flattering, but they know they’re not going to sell me on it hook, line and sinker. Am I head-to-toe in L.K. Bennett? No.”

The glamorous blonde is uncomfortable with the relationship between fashion and celebrity. Rosamund would rather wear clothes she likes, than those given to her for free from designers.

As the sensible Sam Chamberlain in “The World’s End,” Rosamund Pike is forced to do battle with her past and the scary inhabitants of her suburban hometown of Newton Haven, UK. As aging goth Gary King (Simon Pegg) drags his old mates around “The Golden Mile” of pubs, Sam has to step in on occasion and kick some butt… and fend off the advances of Gary, who’s hoping for one last go with Sam in the bathroom.

The World’s End” is the capper to Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Pike, on the other hand, is just getting started. She’s signed on to play the lead in what’s easily one of the most anticipated adaptations of the near future, David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” alongside Ben Affleck.

Pike called in to chat with Moviefone about the pleasures of working with Wright, Pegg, Frost, and the rest of the “World’s End” crew, among other things.

Moviefone: I’ve never had a Cornetto ice cream. Are they the best thing ever? What’s the deal with them?
Cornettos are a pretty in-joke in the series, But I’ll tell you, when I was traveling in Vietnam, when I’d just left college, a Cornetto was the one bit of kind of Western indulgence that you could obtain — the one kind of recognizable homeland treat — so… I have a bit of a soft spot for them. The original, I think, is my favorite, which was the hot fudge one.

I love the details in all of Edgar Wright’s movies, where you can go back and say, “Oh, yes, there’s the Cornetto wrapper.” The little things that re-occur, is that something you’re aware of when you’re filming it, or is it something that you see later when you watch the final cut?
Oh, no, I’m afraid I’m not really smart enough to pick up on those references. I just about get the “Casablanca” one, which Simon and I share with our little romantic moment about the disabled toilets… When we say, “We’ll always have the disabled.” You know that’s a reference to “Casablanca,” obviously: “We’ll always have Paris.”

A little less romantic, maybe.
[Laughs] Well, you know, it’s Gary King’s version of intimacy, the kind of intimacy that backfires, you know?

By Carmel
Aug 24, 2013

Hi guys! Rosamund attended The World’s End Los Angeles Premiere on August 21. She looked absolutely stunning in a Marios Schwab dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Charlotte Olympia clutch, and Jennifer Meyer jewelry. Tons of photos from the premiere have been added to our gallery thanks to my good friend Nicole! The World’s End is now in cinemas in the USA and Canada!

By Carmel
Aug 20, 2013

Rosamund Pike, the female lead in Edgar Wright’s forthcoming sci-fi action comedy The Worlds End, has left UTA.

Pike, who also starred opposite Tom Cruise in Paramount’s Jack Reacher, is now the fourth actor repped by manager Shelley Browning and her Magnolia Entertainment company to leave the agency.

Rachel McAdams was the first to exit, leaving in April. Swedish actors Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace left in May. The latter two have since signed with CAA; McAdams is still without agency representation.

Pike earlier this month nabbed the coveted lead in Gone Girl, David Fincher’s adaptation of the Gillian Flynn novel. Among her credits are Barney’s Version, An Education and Pride & Prejudice.

The World’s End opens Aug. 23.