Gone Girl is being featured in the current issue of Empire. Lea was so kind to send us scans of the magazine. I’ve added them to our gallery!

The actress Rosamund Pike, star of Jack Reacher and the forthcoming Gone Girl, has credited her Old Etonian partner, a recovering heroin addict 18-years her senior, with bringing focus to her career.

The former Bond girl, who suffered a string of broken relationships before she met Robie Uniacke, a mathematical researcher, says his “astute mind” helped shape the way she approaches her characters.

She said: “I have a very clever partner who’s got a very astute mind and is very, very well read and articulate and ruthless about how something I do might play out on screen. My tendency is to identify with a character and imagine there is more on the page than there is. He’s quite good at putting a check on that.”

Pike, who has been with Uniacke for six years, first grabbed public attention when she landed the role of the Bond girl in Die Another Day at the age of 21, before going on to appear in Pride and Prejudice and An Education, but she denies that success has fallen into her lap.

“I feel very uncomfortable because people think I have walked into this profession through connections and looks, and they somehow think it’s easy – and it’s not f****** easy. I don’t have connections. And I didn’t have parents, or a social set, who had anything to do with the film industry,” she said.

By Carmel
Sep 17, 2014

Rosamund and co-star Simon Pegg were interviewed while in Berlin to promote Hector and the Search for Happiness. They talked about the movie and about how the English are scared of sincerity.

By Carmel
Sep 15, 2014

Rosamund and Gone Girl have been featured in a lot of (film) magazines lately. I’ve added the missing scans to our gallery. Massive thanks to my friends Claudia, who is the webmaster of Bonita Sofia Vergara, and Alexa, who is the webmaster of Brie Larson Online, for donating some of the scans.

By Carmel
Sep 13, 2014

Fans can get inside the mind of “Gone Girl” character Amy Dunne — through Pinterest.

Twentieth Century Fox, the studio behind the film adaption of Gillian Flynn’s suspenseful novel, created a page on the popular social media site showing what the character’s pin board might have looked like if she was real.

“Discover who Amy Dunne was before she went missing through the pins she’s left behind,” the movie’s Twitter page shared Wednesday.

Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, has telling boards titled “City Girl,” “Personality Puzzles,” “Wishful Escapes” and “For Nick,” in reference to her husband and the prime suspect in her disappearance, played by Ben Affleck.

Pike, 35, recently opened up to Glamour magazine about the challenges she faced when portraying Amy in the thriller directed by David Fincher.

“There were definitely moments when I felt very uneasy with how much power Amy had,” she revealed.

“And the interesting thing is, my reaction was to laugh, to get sort of uncontrollable giggles. That was the most curious part of playing her: at the point where she’s at her most powerful, it unnerved something in me.”


By Carmel
Sep 13, 2014