By Lindsey
Sep 12, 2014

Rosamund attended the Rome photocall for Gone Girl earlier today. The Italian title is L’amore Bugiardo. The first photos have been added in our gallery. We are so excited to see the promotion for the movie officially started!

By Carmel
Sep 11, 2014

Thanks to my friend Ali, who is the webmaster of Jennifer Garner Online, I was able to add the scans of the entire article of Rosamund’s Glamour cover story.

Glamour has released the three outtakes that we saw in the scans of the October issue of the magazine as well as a little snippet from the interview.

Rosamund on working with Gone Girl costars Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris…
“Ben and I would have these scenes that were very giggly and sort of romantic. And then we’d go to this very dark place…I tried to get us out of that. Neil [Patrick Harris, who plays Amy's obsessed ex, Desi] was incredible at that. We were in hysterics in the editing room. It was very funny doing [rehearsals for our sex] scene. David left Neil and me alone on that set for like two hours to make sure we could do it. But when it’s just two of you, basically kind of f–king on a bed, it feels so inappropriate.”

Rosamund on playing her Gone Girl character, Amy Dunne…
“There were definitely moments when I felt very uneasy with how much power Amy had. And the interesting thing is, my reaction was to laugh. To get sort of uncontrollable giggles. That was the most curious part of playing her: At the point where she’s at her most powerful, it unnerved something in me.”

Rosamund on shooting magazine covers…
“A lot of girls who are high-profile in Hollywood—they’ve been doing cover stories for big magazines since they were in their early twenties. And I haven’t. I feel quite nervous about it! And having to do cover shoots while pregnant. You’re like, ‘Well, I’m pregnant. So, you know, I haven’t really got a waist anymore.’ I don’t enjoy the pregnancy bit of having big boobs, really.”

Rosamund on her red-carpet style…
“I was thinking maybe I want to try to change the rules a bit. Maybe find a few dresses I really like, and wear them again and again. I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach. Paying no attention. But if I turn up at an event with that energy, is that gonna backfire? And so I usually cave in.”

Edit: Better quality and untagged versions of the photoshoot have been added to our gallery as well as an additional outtake.

By Carmel
Sep 08, 2014

I’ve added the scans of the cover story of the October issue of Vogue UK to our gallery. Enjoy!

By Carmel
Sep 08, 2014

Rosamund is gracing the cover of the October issue of the US version of Glamour. She did a brand new photoshoot for the magazine. I can’t wait to see some outtakes but for now enjoy the cover!

Edit: Just 10 minutes after I posted this I came across some scans from the magazine so I’ve added those to the gallery as well.

By Carmel
Sep 08, 2014

I came across two additional outtakes from Rosamund’s Vogue cover shoot. Enjoy!

Yesterday Rosamund attended the premiere of her movie Hector and the Search for Happiness during the Toronto International Film Festival. She looked stunning in a short white dress.

Edit: Tons of HQ additions have been added to our gallery thanks to my good friends Lindsey, who is the webmaster of Rachel McAdams Online, and Nicole, who is the webmaster of Lily James Source.