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Jul 2018
Entebbe, Screen Captures  •  By  •  0 Comments

I’ve added blu-ray quality screen captures from Rosamund film “Entebbe” (also known as “7 Days in Entebbe”) to our gallery. Be sure to check them out. The film is available of Blu-Ray and DVD. Film Productions > Entebbe (2018) > Blu-Ray Captures

Jun 2018
Entebbe, Photo Gallery  •  By  •  0 Comments

Our gallery has been updated with another poster, production stills and a behind the scenes shot from Rosamund’s film “Entebbe” (also knows as “7 Days in Entebbe”). The film is out in theaters right now so be sure to check it out! Film Productions > Entebbe (2018) > Posters & Cover Art Film Productions > Entebbe (2018) > Production Stills Film Productions > Entebbe (2018) > Behind the Scenes

May 2018
A Rather English Marriage, Screen Captures  •  By  •  1 Comment

Today we have a fun little update. I finally came across a copy of Rosamund’s first acting credit, a film called “A Rather English Marriage” and I’ve added screen captures of it to our gallery. The quality isn’t the best and Rosamund is only in it for a bit but it’s still worth checking out! Film Productions > A Rather English Marriage (1998) > DVD Captures

Apr 2018
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We’ve added blu-ray quality captures of Rosamund’s 2017 film “Hostiles” to our gallery. Be sure to check them out! Film Productions > Hostiles (2017) > Blu-Ray Captures

Apr 2018
Beirut, Production Stills  •  By  •  0 Comments

Film Productions > Beirut (2018) > Production Stills Film Productions > Beirut (2018) > Behind the Scenes

Mar 2018
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HD screen captures from Rosamund in the 2017 film “HHhH” (also known as “The Man With the Iron Heart”) have been added to our gallery. Be sure to check them out! Film Productions > HHhH (2017) > Blu-Ray Captures

Mar 2018
Beirut, Entebbe, HHhH, Hostiles, Photo Gallery  •  By  •  0 Comments

The first trailer for “Beirut” (previously known as “High Wire Act”) has been released. Be sure to check it out below. Our gallery has also been updated with screen captures from the trailer, as well as productions stills, posters and screen captures from several other projects. Film Productions > Last Uploads