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Aug 2018
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In an interview with Audible Rosamund shared her Bond audition experience with Audible as well as her opinion on a female Bond. DigitalSpy bundled the quotes into an article which you can check out below! Rosamund Pike has proven she’s the perfect candidate for a female Bond once more, after revealing she once refused to strip to her underwear for an audition but got the part anyway. The Gone Girl

Feb 2015
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It has been an amazing ride for Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike, who, as Amy Dunne, puts the freak on her screen husband Ben Affleck and bloodily dispatches Neil Patrick Harris. Her Oscar-nominated performance garnered major kudos upon the movie’s release in October and she gave birth to her second child in December. “To have this new life and this complete career turning point at the same time — it’s

Sep 2014
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Rosamund was a guest last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Check out a clip from the interview below. They talked about a lot of things like Rosamund being a Bond girl, her growing up and rehearsing the sex scene with Neil Patrick Harris.

Jul 2013
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For today’s movie update I’ve added posters, stills, promo shoots and Blu-Ray captures of Rosamund’s breakout role as Miranda Frost in the James Bond movie Die Another Day.