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Oct 2015
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Hi guys! As you can see we’ve got a brand new layout here at Lovely Rosamund Pike. The header is designed by the super talented Nicole from Nowhereland9 Design and the theme base comes from Carol from Sin21. Nicole used the new photoshoot Rosamund did for Modern Weekly and I absolutely love how it turned out. It also comes with a matching gallery theme. I hope you guys like it too.

As you may have noticed the site has experienced some errors over the past few weeks. We had to move hosts again and I am now working on getting the site completely back online. All pages from the main site should work again and I think the gallery works as well (if not, let me know) but our video archive is still down for now. It’ll hopefully be back up today or tomorrow! This really was the last time we had to move. I am super happy with our current host (The Fan Carpet) so hopefully we can stay here for years to come. Thanks for sticking with us and check back soon for all the latest on Rosamund!

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