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Oct 2014
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Hi guys! As you can see we have a brand new look here at Lovely Rosamund Pike. Even though I still loved the previous one it had been up for over a year so a new look was well overdue. This beautiful layout with matching gallery theme has been designed by the super talented Ray from OhMyMorning.com. I absolutely loved the outtakes from Rosamund’s Vogue photoshoot and I’m so happy they were used in our new look. I hope you love it as much as we do. Let me know if you spot any errors.

Now that news seems to have slowed down again after “Gone Girl” hit the theatres I’ll be focusing on adding more content to our site (we only have 2 extended filmography pages, shame on me!). Be sure to check back soon and for now enjoy the new look.

  • Fran Morgan
    Posted on November 01, 2014

    We have a conductor of our city orchestra who looks EXACTLY like Rosamund Pike. She could be R’s twin.

    I’d like to contact Rosamund’s fan club with this info.

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