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Jun 2015
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Now that “What We Did on Our Holiday” is getting to closer to it’s US release date (July 10) it got it’s own US trailer. Check it out below!

May 2015
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Seems like David Oyelowo has kind of confirmed that Rosamund will star in “A United Kingdom”. Here’s what he has to say about Rosamund.

“Amma and Rosamund are two of the most exciting talents working in film today,” said Oyelowo. “I’ve worked with both of them before and so my excitement about them joining ‘A United Kingdom’ stems from a knowledge of just how inspiring they are to work with and how much daring and beauty they will bring to this epic love story.”

An October shoot date start is set, in London and Botswana, with Oyelowo also serving as producer, alongside Rick McCallum (long-time George Lucas producer), Brunson Green, Justin Moore Lewy and Charlie Mason.


May 2015
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Additional production stills from Rosamund’s upcoming film “Return to Sender” have been added to our gallery. The film will be released in the UK on May 22.

Film Productions > Return to Sender (2015) > Production Stills
May 2015
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Back in January, while Rosamund attended the Palm Springs Film Festival, she did a photoshoot session with The Wrap. Photos have been added to our gallery thanks to Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule.

I also added an additional outtake from the Desert Sun photoshoot, which was taken on the same day.

Photoshoots & Portraits > Sessions from 2015 > Session 03 – The Wrap
May 2015
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So as I mentioned on twitter I had a special surprise coming up for our five year anniversary (which was last month) and I am super excited to finally reveal to you what it is. After months of working on it behind the scenes Lindsey and I are happy to finally open our Video Archive.
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 18.53.29

In our video archive you can find videos of Rosamund’s talkshow appearances, press junkets, trailers from her many films and much more. A lot still needs to be added but we wanted to open the archive now so that you guys can browse it as well. Enjoy this new feature!

May 2015
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The first poster for “Return to Sender” has been released as well as a production still. Both have been added to our gallery as well as screen captures from the trailer. The movie will be released in the U.K. on May 22.

Film Productions > Return to Sender (2015) > Posters & Cover Art
Film Productions > Return to Sender (2015) > Production Stills
Film Productions > Return to Sender (2015) > Trailer Captures
May 2015
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Another trailer for “Return to Sender” has been released. It mostly has the same footage that we’ve seen in the previous trailer but there are a few new scenes in there so be sure to check it out.