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Character: Rochelle (voice)
Directed by: Dinos Chapman
Written by: Jake Chapman
Produced by: Peter Carlton, Jo McClellan, Polly Stokes
Other cast: Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis, Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig, Shandice Relihan
Release date: May 11, 2011
Genre: Short, Drama
Running time: 15 min

The short is deliberately made complex: Rhys, a failed painter meets in a pub with some friends to discuss their methods for creating revolutionary paintings. His talk is carefully listened with interest by Pablo the leader of a group of art-inclined cockroaches. They are interested in his painting style and have been following him. Rhys goes up to his studio where he is joined by Buffy, a drunken whore. When she falls asleep on a couch where she poses nude, some paint from his palette drops accidentally on her body. He tries to remove the paint, but all he gets is to besmirch her even more. Her smudged body excites him erotically. She wakes up and leaves the room cursing. Lustful with the new experience he begins to masturbate calling forth his monkey. He grinds his organ and the monkey appears wildly in the moment of the orgasm, which proves at once fatal to Pablo, who has been watching.