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Jul 2013
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Rosamund Pike has said she and Pierce Brosnan are like Richard and Judy in their new film, dark comedy A Long Way Down.

The British actress had her big break 11 years ago as a Bond girl in Die Another Day, and is set to be reunited on screen with the former 007 in the new film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel.

The film is about four strangers who meet on New Year’s Eve at the top of a London skyscraper where they all plan to jump off, but they make a pact to stay alive and help each other.

Rosamund revealed: “It was a joy to work with Pierce again. It’ll add something to that little relationship we had in that film I think.

“It’s a complicated relationship. We’re daytime TV presenters and I think it’s quite nice for people who were fans to think that Bond and Miranda Frost in another life could be a kind of Richard and Judy couple.”

The blonde beauty also revealed how she had the chance to hone her fighting skills in Edgar Wright’s new comedy The World’s End.

She said: “We had a whole studio full of crash-mats and those vaulting horses you haven’t seen since you were at school. And we did boxing training.”

The film, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, is about a group of olds friends who reunite to relive an epic pub crawl in their home town, and end up battling robots who have taken over.

Rosamund said: “We had all the things you would usually see in a big action movie, but in our studio it was full of bar stools and picnic umbrellas!”


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