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Aug 2013
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Rosamund Pike denies she is sold on L.K. Bennett “hook, line and sinker”.

The actress is the face of the British high street store and has created her own line of handbags for the brand.

Since she was announced as the label’s new campaign star at the beginning of the year Rosamund has fronted the last two seasons’ collections.

She says it was the chance to design her own bag collection that interested her in signing up to L.K. Bennett.

“I don’t want to just be the face of something, I want to feel as if, creatively, I get involved with the idea of it,” she explained to British newspaper The Sunday Times. “[Am I] at one with the ideal L.K. Bennett woman? Not really, no. I mean, who’s their ideal woman? I think they like the idea of me for the brand, which is very flattering, but they know they’re not going to sell me on it hook, line and sinker. Am I head-to-toe in L.K. Bennett? No.”

The glamorous blonde is uncomfortable with the relationship between fashion and celebrity. Rosamund would rather wear clothes she likes, than those given to her for free from designers.

“You become valuable in some other way, don’t you? I once tried to refuse a present [from another designer], and that was clearly not welcome,” she continued.

The 34-year-old previously described the inspiration behind the Rosamund Bag Collection that launched at the end of last month. Rosamund named 1965 British drama Darling, which starred Julie Christie, as her inspiration behind the L.K. Bennett bag collection.

“I wanted a bag that felt luxurious down to the last detail, but I didn’t want women to feel weighed down. I wanted a bag that could contain the chaos of your life inside, but look free and easy on the outside,” she told WWD previously. “[I want them to embody the] modernity, freedom and independence.”


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