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Jul 2013
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Rosamund Pike can drink a “surprising” amount of alcohol. The British actress stars in The World’s End, about a group of friends who reunite to finish off a pub crawl they unsuccessfully attempted 20 years earlier.

Rosamund is no stranger to a big night out herself and can hold her own when it comes to having a few drinks. “I’m pretty good; I go to the end,” she laughed to Cover Media. “I last the course; I can drink quite a few people under the table. I might surprise you!”

The World’s End was co-written by Simon Pegg, who also stars in the comedy. Rosamund couldn’t help feeling jealous of her talented pal when she read his work. “The jokes in it are just unbelievable!” she marvelled. “I read the script and it just makes you so envious. You think, ‘I wish I could write something that good.’ “[Simon and I] get on incredibly well and I love working with him. He’s very supportive, very funny and I love him!”

Simon no longer drinks and sticks to “pints of water” when he heads to a pub. While he may no longer hang out at bars, he can recall some wild nights from his youth. “I used to love pubs. I don’t drink and the reason to go in is to drink. And people always want to come over and say hi, which is great, but sometimes I want to hide in a corner,” he admitted.

Of his wildest night he added: “Probably back in my student days, when I wound up throwing a shopping trolley off a building!”

The World’s End felt like a bit of a reunion for some of the cast such as Simon and Nick Frost, who worked together on Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in the past. British actor Eddie Marsan also stars in the movie, but isn’t quite so taken with the idea of meeting up with old classmates. “I don’t go to them!” he answered when asked about his school reunions. “When I was at school none of the girls would go out with me; I couldn’t pull a toilet chain. Suddenly, when I was on the television, they all went on Facebook and said they went out with me – but they rejected me!”


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