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Aug 2018
New Projects, Sense and Sensibility (audio book)  •  By  •  1 Comment

Three years after narrating “Pride and Prejudice” for Audible Rosamund is back with another Austen classic, “Sense and Sensibility”. Rosamund’s narrated version is now available on Audible. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video below or in our video archive.

  • Tina Matas-Chamberlain
    Posted on September 04, 2018

    TY for the Audible performance of Pride and Prejudice. The characters sprung to life and sparkled in each chapter. I have read this book so many times- but it is hard to read now for me. I conserve my eyes/vision for work because of the two bouts of optin neuritis so having your performance on Audible is amazing. Again I thank you and on to Sense and Sensibility. ✌🏽💕🙏🏽

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